3 Windows 10 Tweaks For Your Taskbar

With every version of Windows, a new set of taskbar toys are thrown your way. With Windows 10, this is no exception.

By itself, the default taskbar setup will work alright. Yet if you want to customize the operating system to your PC, then a few tweaks are in order. Here are 3 tweaks to consider:

mysystemjpurnal3 1: Shrink Cortana

While Cortana has changed everything for the better for Windows, it still consumes a large amount of taskbar space. So, you can either condense Cortana or get rid of it completely. For this, right-click on the Cortana search box or any free space on the taskbar. When in the context menu, select Cortana > Show Cortana Icon. The search box disappears and will be replaced by Cortana’s icon. Now, click on the icon to activate Cortana itself.

If you want to get rid of Cortana, then click Cortana > Hidden and you can find your will a lot of space. No, Cortana isn’t removed but the icon is hidden from the taskbar.

2: Remove Task View

If you’re not one to use Task View’s virtual desktops or you use the shortcut key (Windows key+Tab), then just get rid of the icon. For this, right-click on the Task View icon or on free space in the Taskbar. Then finally, de-select ‘Show Task View button’.

3: Add Toolbars

This feature is hardly new but there are very few people who know anything about it. Two toolbars that you must absolutely have are the website launcher and a launcher to File Explorer. Using the former involves typing in a web address and your browser launches the site. For this, right-click on your toolbar and select Toolbars>Address from the context menu. For immediate access to system items, select Toolbars>Desktop.