3 Ways to Reinstall Windows 8

One of the biggest advantages of learning how to reinstall Windows 8 is that you can eliminate all kinds of malware, bloatware and deal with a number of system problems in one go.

Of course, you don’t have to reinstall Windows 8 in order to get it to run smoothly. However, if your PC is slowing down due to context menu items, startup programs and a buildup of junk, then carrying out this procedure is advisable.

That said, here are 3 ways to reinstall Windows 8:

#1: Refresh or Reset Your PC Option

There are two features that one can first try where both of them involve performing a Windows install in the background either by installing Windows fresh from the recovery files on your system or Windows installation disc or USB drive. One difference is that the Refresh your PC option keeps your personal files while the Reset your PC option removes it completely.

#2: Manufacturer’s Recovery Partition or Discs

Yet again, there are two options that can be used that involves either a recovery partition or discs that are provided by the manufacturer. For the former, you’ll have to press a key when your system is booting to access the recovery partition. As for the disc, you can insert it in your computer’s optical drive. You’ll have a fresh Windows-like system once you’re done with the instructions.

#3: Windows Installation Media

While a fresh install isn’t possible with the recovery tools provided by your manufacturer, a Windows installation disc will do the trick. If you’ve built your own PC, then you should put the Windows disc that you would have got to use. Or else, download the Windows 8 or 8.1 installation media from Windows.